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Lunita Restaurant


At Lunita we have a goal to provide our community with a truly authentic selection of Mexican food, rich with genuine flavors and textures to give you a veritably sabrosa experience!


We developed the idea for Lunita after many years of dealing with all aspects of Mexican restaurants. From eating in them to working in them, we’ve seen it all! Over time we put together an expansive catalogue of knowledge in genuine Mexican flavors, which, combined with our equally genuine passion for Mexican food, results in something we’re confident is as delicious as it is authentic.


We are a family owned business and we strive to bring a family friendly atmosphere to Lunita, where our customers are included and the restaurant is an extension of their home. We want you to be comfortable, happy and well-fed, and we’ll do our utmost to ensure that you leave feeling that way!


We exclusively stock the freshest ingredients and all of our food is cooked on the day it’s served. All of our salsas are handmade and we work only from our own recipes which have evolved over time to be something truly unique. Alongside all of our savory goods, we’re also more than well-equipped when it comes to sweets and desserts! All things considered, we’ve got something for everyone!

We can’t wait to see you, at Lunita it’s not “come in, we’re open”,

it’s “welcome home”!

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